What to bring for your tax appointment

Please download our list of documents to bring for your tax appointment, Fax it or Email it.

What to bring for your tax appointment

Please download our list of documents to bring for your tax appointment.

Download Here

Self Employed - Individuals Filing Schedule C : Worksheet

Download Self Employed Worksheet Here

Rental Property - Individuals Filing Schedule E : Worksheet

Download Rental Property Schedule E Worksheet Here


Schedule A Certification - Itemized Deductions Worksheet

Itemized Deductions Worksheet


Police Deductions

Please download our list of possible deductions.

Police Deductions

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Need a mechanic you can trust

Gore’s Auto is a full service auto repair shop located in Jacksonville, FL — owned and operated by Phillip Gore and Nada Chehab. We have been in business in Jacksonville FL since 2001. For 13 years we answered the needs of our customers for local high-quality auto repair and service at affordable rates.

Since then, we've come to be known as the auto repair and service place that you can trust. That's because we care about our customers and we show it with our excellent customer service. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated — with kindness, respect, and courtesy. We also give you information about your car in language you can understand and appreciate. We know you're not an expert and not schooled in the technical aspects of auto repair, so we make it a practice to put things in terms that are easily understood by everyone

Gore Safe Transportation LLC

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Need a safe and comfortable Ride to your occasion

Professional Ride, Comfort Ride, Luxury Ride | United States | Gore Safe Transportation LLC

Sit back, relax, and enjoy being chauffeured by professional driver.

Whether you're attending a wedding, or concert, our services can help you arrive in style and comfort.