Business Corner

We maintain complete sets of books, keep records of accounts, verify the procedures used for recording financial transactions, and provide personal bookkeeping services. We at NC Accounting Inc. perform all of the following duties:

  • Keep financial records and establish, maintain and balance various accounts using manual and computerized bookkeeping systems.

  • Post journal entries and reconcile accounts, prepare trial balance of books, maintain general ledgers and prepare financial statements.

  • Calculate and prepare checks for payrolls and for utility, tax and other bills.

  • Complete and submit tax remittance forms, workers' compensation forms, pension contribution forms and other government documents.

  • Prepare tax returns and perform other personal bookkeeping services.

  • Prepare other statistical, financial and accounting reports.

At NC Accounting Inc., we provide monthly accounting services that are based on a fixed price fee, which you know in advance.   You decide how much work we do and you always know how much our services will cost.












Business Tax Preparation:

Our tax preparers are trained and knowledgeable of all aspects of your tax return. NC Accounting Inc, can electronically file your corporate income tax return forms 1120s, 1120, 1065, even Schedule C.

Estimated Tax Calculation:

Avoid costly penalties and owing the IRS at the end of the year. By paying accurate estimated taxes you can save in the long run.

IRS Notice Resolution:

Have you received one of the dreaded "Intent to Levy assets" notice? Are you staying up all night worrying about your IRS problems? Afraid to open your mail?

There are solutions to your IRS related issues. Please make an appointment to let us review your notice.


Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

Employers Quarterly Report Filing:

941, 940, UCT-6. Never worry about the hassle of preparing and filing those pesky reports. Let NC Accounting handle your payroll forms.

Sales Tax Preparation and Filing:

Hate filling out paperwork? We can help! We can timely electronically file your sales tax each month.

Contact Us

NC Accounting Inc

Tel: 904-490-9911

Address6110 Powers Ave.

Suite 12

Jacksonville, FL 32217

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Gore’s Auto is a full service auto repair shop located in Jacksonville, FL — owned and operated by Phillip Gore and Nada Chehab. We have been in business in Jacksonville FL since 2001. For 13 years we answered the needs of our customers for local high-quality auto repair and service at affordable rates.

Since then, we've come to be known as the auto repair and service place that you can trust. That's because we care about our customers and we show it with our excellent customer service. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated — with kindness, respect, and courtesy. We also give you information about your car in language you can understand and appreciate. We know you're not an expert and not schooled in the technical aspects of auto repair, so we make it a practice to put things in terms that are easily understood by everyone

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